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At-Home Pamper Pack

Whats included in the At-Home Pamper Pack?


- 1.1L Pink Lemonade

- 2x Pamper theme cookies from 'Desserted'

- 2x Champagne flutes with Strawberries

- 2x Hydrating pink face mask and fresh cucumber

- 2x silicon mask applicators

- 2x Purple "Unicorn poop" scented bath bombs

- Fresh rose petals

- bath salts

- Purple "unicorn poop" sugar scrub

- lotion

- 1x Nail polish (Colour will vary)

- 2x Satin robes

- 2x Salon style headbands

- 1x Pink birthday girl badge

- 1x Princess crown (style will vary)

- 1x Party bag for birthday girl

- 2x Pedicure tubs

- 2x Bath towels (colour may vary)

- 2x Hand towels (colour may vary)

- 2x Pink Face washers

- 1x Kids makeup kit

** If pack is for 2 non-birthday girls, you will receive a second party bag in place of a crown and badge

At-Home Pamper Pack - $95 + $50 refundable deposit

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